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16 months to 3 years with carer

Mini & Me is a 30 minute class and is the perfect bonding session for you (or another carer) and your child.  You and your little one will enjoy a class full of dance, music, games, fun and surprises, whilst you work together to develop fine and gross motor skills, musicality and rhythm.


In the Mini & Me class you and your child will:


  • EXPLORE different types of music, storylines and themes.

  • LEARN the basics of dance technique together.

  • ENCOURAGE each other throughout the class with lots of high fives, fist bumps and cuddles!

  • STRENGTHEN your special bond by enjoying the freedom of movement together.

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18 months to 5 years (under 3 years with carer)

Mini Moverz is an energetic 30 minute class full of tumbling, dance, games and lots of fun for little ones!  It is the perfect class to assist with the development of balance, fine and gross motor skills, rhythm, confidence, and hand-eye coordination. 


In the Mini Moverz class your child will:


  • DISCOVER different levels and styles of dance, play, and movement, through obstacle courses and action songs.

  • DEVELOP hand-eye co-ordination, spatial awareness, and fine motor dexterity.

  • LEARN to work individually and as a team, whilst developing confidence in a group environment.

  • EXPLORE their imagination to create their own dance and movement.

Is your little one ready to dance independently?  Why not try our fabulous Ready Set Dance and Ready Set Ballet programs!

Ready to get started? Enrol online or book a trial today!

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