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Kinder and School Incursions

About our Incursions

As educators, stimulating our students’ minds and providing an environment that is fun and engaging, is what we aspire to do.  Music and movement within the classroom can not only provide smiles and laughter, but research shows it also improves a child’s level of focus and information retention.

Kreationz dance and movement incursions are designed to develop children’s expression, creativity, strength, flexibility, rhythm, balance, coordination, communication and listening skills.  Dance plays a particularly important role in the life of all children, helping to build self-esteem, confidence and long-term friendships.

Our lesson themes can be tailored to suit your requirements and focus on your chosen class topic within the curriculum.

What we focus on:


  • Enjoyment through movement to music

  • Increasing confidence and self-esteem

  • Self-expression through dance

  • Imagination and creativity

We offer incursions for all age ranges from Pre-School to Secondary School.



18 months to 2 years



3 to 5 years

Primary School.png

Primary School

Prep to Grade 6

High School.jpg

Secondary School

Years 7 to 12

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