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Junior School Classes

​For students aged from 6 to 10 years

In our Junior School classes, the focus is on fun, whilst encouraging students to learn discipline, work as a team and build the foundations of good technique.

Students can focus on one style, or experience a range of styles, whilst developing their skills in a positive and nurturing environment.



Acro incorporates elements of gymnastics, jazz and contortion.  It teaches flexibility, balance, strength, and coordination.  In this fun but challenging class, students will learn to do handstands, cartwheels and aerials, chest stands, elbow stands and walkovers.



A combination of dance, gymnastics, team acrobatics, pom-pom motions, chants and cheers, stunting, jumps and kicks!  Your child will discover teamwork and confidence in this energetic class.


Classical Ballet

The most technical of all classes.  It is recommended that all dancers enrol in a technique class such as this.  The strength and control learned in this class is a valuable asset to any dance style. 



Just like classical ballet but with the rule book thrown out!  Contemporary is an expressionist form of dance and encompasses many facets of movement.


Dance Cirque

Dance Cirque is all about having fun, whilst getting fit in a safe environment.  Watch the excitement as your child looks forward to each class, as they meet new friends, gain confidence, and learn exciting skills in this super fun class.

Hip hOp.jpg

Hip Hop

The latest style of street dancing as seen in rap video clips - think Missy Elliot, Justin Timberlake and Beyonce! Students will be encouraged to apply their own styles and creativeness to the routines.



Jazz hands anyone? Often associated with musicals such as Chicago or Fame, modern jazz is also the style used for pop concerts, opening ceremonies and music videos.



A fusion of ballet and jazz dance techniques.  It is an emotional dance style and portrays a story through every movement made.


Musical Theatre

A whole heap of fun with cherries and sprinkles on top!  Students will learn to sing, dance and act in an entertaining and relaxed atmosphere.



SingStarz is Kreationz signature singing program for children who have a love of musical theatre, the desire to become a rock star,  or are simply wanting to raise their confidence levels.



For students aged 8 years and over.  These classes are additional to the regular ballet class.  Dancing ‘en pointe’ or on your toes is a major goal in a ballerina's dance life.  Pre-Pointe classes may be taken by students who are not yet en pointe, to further develop and strengthen the muscles necessary to go en pointe.


SuperStarz: All Abilities

SuperStarz All Abilities dance and movement classes are full of fun, fitness and friendship for children and adults with additional needs.

Junior Tap.jpg


A style which was established by greats such as Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly, but today with groups such as the Tap Dogs and Syncopated Ladies, tap dancing has grown to be very cool and funky.



The ideal way to perfect your technique and skills for any of our cheerleading classes.  Our tumbling program includes learning floor tumbling skills, ranging from the basic handstand to back flips.

Ready to get started? Enrol online or book a trial today!

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