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Why join us? See what our families have to say!


We have been a part of Kreationz for eight years. I love the welcoming family vibe it has. The owners and teachers are very encouraging and caring. My youngest who has autism, began the All Abilities class this year and it has quickly become her favourite thing of the week! Great for her social skills, listening to and following instructions and trusting other adults and teachers. Very highly recommended!!

Leanne - Dance Mum

First time dance mum…. Just want to say….I loved it! I thought you did an amazing job with the Showcase.  I can only imagine the effort and work that took to put on such a professional performance.  I went to both performances and was spellbound by the talent of every participant.  I had been told by others that dance concerts are boring - it's just something you have to do to support your child - but I certainly did not find it boring, even my husband loved it - saying the odd 'oh' when the cheerleaders performed a stunt.  I loved that it was age appropriate - it was just about the art of dance.  Well done to all of you!

Narelle - Dance Mum

The team at Kreationz Cheer and Dance are second to none! My girls have been doing cheerleading and hip hop for two years now, and they have done nothing but thrive in the time they have been a part of the Kreationz family. The staff and students alike are caring, encouraging and compassionate. It really is a family and we are so happy to have found a studio like this one. I highly recommend it!

Sally - Dance Mum

I’ve been dancing at Kreationz for seven years now and have loved every moment of it. Even with my problems at school and at home, when I walked into Kreationz I felt like I could forget about all my worries. The teachers let me talk to them about everything and anything, and I recommend everyone who loves to dance to go there and to have fun.

Miranda - Student

Kreationz is an excellent school, offering classes to all students and abilities. Principal Kristen is a passionate, talented, kindhearted and beautiful person, who nurtures each and every student, no matter who they are or where they came from.  The staff are also brilliant at what they do and teach in a friendly and supportive environment.  As a mum I must say, it is so wonderful to have such great educators of dance and inspirational teachers at Kreationz for young dancers to look up to!

Andrea - Dance Mum

I have been dancing with Kreationz for many years and have loved every second of it. It's a great way to stay fit and have fun whilst making life long friends. The teachers and coaches are extremely dedicated to both their dancing and their students, and never fail to create amazing end of year performances. Dancing with Kreationz is like being part of one huge dancing family and I wouldn't give it up for the world. I would definitely recommend Kreationz to anyone of any age and ability with a passion for dance!

Kymberly - Student

Fantastic variety! Awesome teachers! Cienna has excelled over the last couple of years and it’s her happy place! Highly recommend Kreationz Cheer and Dance.  The uniforms are the best colour and the costumes are amazing, our family and friends enjoy the concerts.

Michelle - Dance Mum

Best dance school ever!! I have been with Kreationz the whole way through I have had the best most memorable moments and have made so many great friends.

Kineesha - Student

I wanted to say that I think your Showcase Handbook is fantastic. It is easy to use and informative, but not so long that it is overwhelming. I know how much work goes in to a document like that, from my experience running my own business, and it really is an amazing result.  Thank you, for all you do to make all of this possible for our kids.

Amy - Dance Mum

Thanks for such a wonderful night! A huge amount of organising went into the concert and we appreciate your efforts, so thanks again!

Bec - Dance Mum

We both really loved learning our bridal waltz with Kreationz Dance.  It was so much fun and the teacher was always encouraging, helpful and patient as we learnt the steps to our routine.  Thanks to Kreationz Dance for teaching us. On the night our bridal waltz went extremely well with our guests giving it 10/10!

Wendy and Carl - Bridal Couple

Kreationz is an amazing school. The staff don't just teach dance and cheer, they create a safe, positive and nurturing environment for kids to have fun, learn and grow ! I couldn't recommend Kreationz enough.

Heidi - Dance Educator

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