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DanceStep Assistant Teacher Education Program

About DanceStep

Kreationz Cheer and Dance is a registered affiliate studio and member of the DanceStep program.  DanceStep is an assistant teaching training program which empowers students to be leaders and role models within the dance studio, at school and the wider community. 


DanceStep, a four level Student Teacher Education Program, builds on this philosophy and provides a progressive and formalised process including both practical and theoretical components.

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What's Covered

The DanceStep program covers assistant teaching skills such as Safe Dance principles, anatomy, behaviour management including different learning needs and styles, to name just a few. 


Whether students would like to consider a career in dance teaching or otherwise, the DanceStep program is a great preparation for many aspects of life.


The DanceStep program is open to students from ten years of age.  All potential assistant teachers must have danced with Kreationz for a minimum of one year, and are required to apply for a position in the program.

In DanceStep students will:

  • Receive a t-shirt and badge

  • Receive a workbook for each level

  • Be required to assist in one dance class per week

  • Be required to work through the components in the workbook


Mentoring the next generation of Dance Teachers

We are proud to provide this opportunity for our dancers to assist them to flourish and grow into competent, and confident, assistant teachers and student leaders.

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