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Does your little one love to twirl and dance around the house?  At Kinderballet your tiny dancer will be enthralled by imagery and story-telling, whilst learning basic ballet steps at the same time.  Both boys and girls are welcome!

Join Bella Bear, Paws Cat and Star Fairy, as we take your child on a magical journey to faraway places.

Kinderballet is a music, movement and dance program developed specifically for children aged between 16 months and 5 years.  The aim of Kinderballet is to introduce the basics of dance through imagination and creative movement.


Kreationz is proud to be an accredited provider of Kinderballet classes.

Kinderballet Age Groups


16 months to 2 years with carer

Cherubs gives a child’s caregiver a beautiful and unique opportunity to nurture their little one through music and movement.  Cherubs pairs the principles of Early Childhood Development, with the energy and fun of dance.

Mummy and Me

2 to 3½ years with carer

Share in your child's experience with this beautiful introduction to dance, incorporating the use of props and imagery.  In a relaxed and friendly environment, children participate with their caregiver - giving them a sense of security and confidence.


3½ to 5 years

This class is the next step for children who are ready to dance independently and learn basic concepts, such as group co-operation and waiting one’s turn.  Incorporating a basic introduction to ballet with props, characters and musical instruments, this class is sure to delight with imagination and story-telling.

Presentation Day

Presentation Day is Kinderballet's special end of year event. The Presentation Day performance is done before a small audience and Mum and/or Dad will only be a few steps away at any time - just in case someone needs a smile of encouragement or a hug.


Best of all the whole experience is about your child for the ENTIRE performance!


The Presentation Day fee includes a costume, medal and admission for up to four people!


NOTE: Cherubs do not have a Presentation Day.


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