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Cheerleading Program

Cheerleading is one of the fastest growing team sports in Australia.  It encourages teamwork, bonding and trust.  It improves motivation and self esteem.  Most importantly it promotes fun, friendship and pride in a physical activity.  Plus students get to learn some pretty awesome skills like flipping, stunting, dancing, showmanship, self-confidence, courage and perseverance!  


Our Cheerleading Program consists of three streams:

  • Recreational

  • Transitional

  • Competitive


Recreational cheerleading is a great team sport for fun, fitness and friendship.  It helps build confidence and promotes teamwork, without the pressures of competitions.  Recreational teams perform in our Mid Year Mini Review and End of Year Showcase.



Designed for girls and boys who want to take their cheerleading further, but without the expense and time commitment that being in a full competitive squad demands.  

The Transitional Cheerleading Program involves one training session per week, and all competition and uniform costs are included in the fees.  Transitional teams compete at two competitions per year, as well as performing in our Mid Year Mini Review and End of Year Showcase.


For the serious cheerleader. 


Our competitive program is focused on assisting our athletes to strive for excellence in their tumbling, jumps, stunt and dancing skills, whilst developing their performance skills and confidence.  Competitive cheerleading requires dedication from the athletes and parents, with full attendance expected at training and competitions throughout the year.  There are generally five or six competitions per year.


Our competitive cheerleaders learn together, fall together, win together and lose together.  They become stronger as a unit with each and every practice.  The bonds formed among members of a Kreationz Cheerleading Squad is as close to family as you can get!

Team options available are Partner Stunt, Group Stunt or Squad.


Ready to get started? Enrol online or book a trial today!

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